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Exposition Réinventer Réattu
Exposition Réinventer Réattu
May 18 to June 2

Musée Réattu, galerie gothique, salle 15

10 rue Réattu

Fr- 13200 Arles

European Museum Night on Saturday May 18 and art installation until June 2.

A photographic commission from the Musée Réattu in Arles of photographic scenes in studio lighting based on the pictorial works of Jacques Réattu. As part of the national system La Classe, l'oeuvre. As she had already realized in Bourges in 2023, Mireille Loup has orchestrated living paintings with teenagers from the Collège Ampère in Arles. This project was developped with Julie Mazé, Elisabeth Pouliquen, Claire Durand Imbert, Lise De Luca, Andy Neyrotti.