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Nuit Européenne des Musées - Two events
Nuit Européenne des Musées - Two events
Sat. May 18 starting 9:30pm

Musée Réattu, Arles, (Fr)

Salle des Grisailles et Commanderie Sainte Luce

18 mai - 2 juin 2024

An video installation in the Salle des Grisailles during the Night of the European Museums then until June 2 at the Commanderie Sainte Luce.

La sombre jalousie des Dames

Commissioned by the musée Réattu in Arles, as part of the "Silence, ça tourne!" initiated by Julie Mazé, cultural mediation officer, and Mireille Loup in 2020.

For this fourth edition, on a proposal from Julie Mazé, Mireille Loup was inspired by the films of Alfred Hitchcock and the film noir genre.

An video performance in five days, the pitch is given to a team of teenagers when they arrive at the museum, while they meet for the first time. Together, they discover, analyze, write the synopsis and the scenario, choose sets and costumes, film, sound record, light the shot and play within the museum, under the amused gaze of visitors, guards and the museum team. 
Composed of scenes which gradually interweave into a story of murders, this film features typical characters of this very macho cinematic genre, in which women are often jealous, vengeful or victims and men are seducers, saviors or guilty.
In front of and behind the camera, Mireille Loup, assisted by Julie Mazé, leads this young team within the museum for making this film a production of subtle lighting that reveals the photogenic nature of this extraordinary place.

Duration: 5’5’’, loop movie

Production: Ville d’Arles, musée Réattu

Director: Mireille Loup

Distribution: Angela Napolitano: the woman in the white polka dot top / Naïs Lillamand: the woman murdered by a bullet in the head / Léna Hirsch: the woman wanting to kill by strangulation / Aaron Lapoiriere: the auctioneer / élian Biscaras: the attractive man with the glass of Scotch / Alexandre Rambure: the auctioneer's assistant / Jesse Long: the man saving his wife / Louise Giordano-Reymond: the woman being strangled / Justine Imbert: the killer with the gun.

Exposition Réinventer Réattu
Exposition Réinventer Réattu
May 18 to June 2

Musée Réattu, galerie gothique, salle 15

10 rue Réattu

Fr- 13200 Arles

European Museum Night on Saturday May 18 and art installation until June 2.

A photographic commission from the Musée Réattu in Arles of photographic scenes in studio lighting based on the pictorial works of Jacques Réattu. As part of the national system La Classe, l'oeuvre. As she had already realized in Bourges in 2023, Mireille Loup has orchestrated living paintings with teenagers from the Collège Ampère in Arles. This project was developped with Julie Mazé, Elisabeth Pouliquen, Claire Durand Imbert, Lise De Luca, Andy Neyrotti.


Commande Musée Réattu
Commande Musée Réattu
January to June 2024

Musée Réattu

10 rue du Grand Prieuré

13200 Arles

A commission from the Réattu museum in studio staging based on the pictorial works of Jacques Réattu.

A project with Claire Imbert-Durand, Julie Mazé, Elisabeth Pouliquen and teenagers from Ampère college in Arles.

The selected works will be exhibited at the museum next May and June, and will be visible during the European Museum Night.

Livre L'art en joie
Livre L'art en joie
Publication October 2023

auteur : Paul Ardenne

Editeur : Le bord de l'eau collection La Muette

I am happy to announce my artistic presence in the 384-page work of art history devoted to the artistic representation of joy. Written by Paul Ardenne. 

The smiling face of ancient art to today (Western and non-Western art); bodies celebrating, alone or in groups; participatory art forms aimed at well-being and harmony; charitable art dispensing concrete benefit, in the spirit of care. The different forms of expression examined are drawing, painting, banners, sculpture, photography, video art, performances. Joy is also a political issue: Arbeit macht Freude Nazi, entertainment strategies, Feelgood culture, joy prefabricated by entertainment media and constituting a market. These specific “uses” of joy, which distort it, give rise to a specific field of representation, also analyzed and illustrated in the work.

Atelier Siqueiros
Atelier Siqueiros
From June 1 to 6

Espace Van Gogh

rdc, au fond du cloître

13200 Arles

Opening Thursday, June 1 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., Espace Van Gogh in Arles, ground floor at the back of the cloister, drawings and paintings by more than 100 artists, including myself, we are waiting for you! Exhibition from the 1st to the 6th, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.