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ANAGLYPH mireille loup

Images Plurielles Éditions

Publié en 2016 / Published in 2016

Photos : Mireille Loup

Préface : Christian Gattinoni
Textes / Texts: Nicolas Mavrikakis, Cécile Camart, Estelle Rouquette
Format / Size: 22 x 22 cm
120 pages - 39 photos en quadrichromie / in full color
Textes en français et anglais / French and English texts

ISBN: 978-2-919436-21-7

ANAGLYPH mireille loup

For the first time, very exhautively, Images Plurielles Editions published the work of Mireille Loup on Anaglyph, three series of black and white photographs: 53.77 Anaglyph, Là Anaglyph, Les Fous du Rhône ongoing project.

This principle of 3D picture which dates from 1853 has been developed at its best by Mireille Loup. She managed to create an impressive and suggestive texture and spellbinding atmosphere.

However, her research on Anaglyph goes beyond the effect itself: apart from 3D, Mireille Loup offers an aesthetic of the specificity of haziness that would nurture the singular atmosphere of the series.

Singular worlds would be revealed involving actively the viewers who can either choose to penetrate in it or to escape it through the process of anaglyph itself.

 3D virtual reality can only be perceived when wearing red / cyan anaglyph glasses