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Filigranes Editions
Publié en 2000 / Published in 2000
H 14 X L 21 cm, 32 pages
15 photographies en noir et blanc / 16 black and white prints
Relié broché / Paperback
ISBN 13 : 978-2-91438-102-4


"Tudi" is an indictment. "TUDI" is a french contraction of "Tu dis", translated by "You say" in English.

"You always say that", "I never said this", "What do you say?"

Tudi is a rhetoric of poverty and humility, without mercy, which combines texts and images.

Eighteen people, disguised and festive, show and point to the various assertions of Tudi. They are offbeat, blissful.

TUDI suggests an answer to fifteen caustic or poetic situations: love, humor, art, public services, psychoanalysis, dinner parties etc.